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Patrick Mahomes Admits Wearing Same Underwear Every Game Day Since 2017, A Gift From His Wife



Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs admitted Monday that he has worn the same pair of underwear every game day since his rookie year with the team in 2017.
The two-time NFL MVP made the admission when he joined Peyton and Eli Manning during the ManningCast broadcast of Monday Night Football during the Denver Broncos’ 24–22 victory over the Buffalo Bills.
“First, my wife Brittany got them for me, so Im not throwing yall down, but I have to wear them,” Mahomes said. I threw them on that first season. We had a pretty good season that season.
He assured the hosts that he only wears them on game days, and he keeps them clean.
I only wear them for game day though, so theyre not too worn down, Mahomes said. Theyre not like these nasty — I clean them. I wash them. Every once in a while, at least.”
But if the team’s on a winning streak, he admitted he can’t wash them as often as he should.
“I mean, if were on a hot streak, I cant wash them, you know? Ive just got to keep it rolling. As long as Im winning football games, Ill keep the superstition going.”
The superstition was first revealed by the Chiefs’ former backup quarterback, Chad Henne, during an appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast in February.
He comes in, he does his work. His notes are written out a certain way. Same pair of underwear, which probably not a lot of people know, on game day. He’s been wearing it since I’ve been part of it, Henne said.
They’re red. I’m not sure if they’re Hanes or if they’re Lululemon, but it’s one or two of those brands, and ever since he comes in the locker room — boom, it’s right there, Henne said. This definitely has to be a superstition and a good-luck charm, for sure.
Since Mahomes joined the Chiefs in 2017, the team has made it to three Super Bowls and won two of them, in 2020 and 2023.
TMX contributed to this article.