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Tiger Woods Launches Apparel And Lifestyle Brand Sun Day Red



A month after announcing the end of his long partnership with Nike, Tiger Woods on Monday launched his own clothing a lifestyle brand, Sun Day Red.
The 48-year-old pro golfer announced the new venture, in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf, at a press conference in Los Angeles Monday evening.
“Its the right time in my life,” said Woods, 48. “Its transitional. Im no longer a kid anymore.”
Sun Dey Red is a reference to Woods’ habit of wearing red on the final day of weekend matches, and the logo features a stretched tiger that includes references to his 15 major championships. Woods said if he wins another major, he’ll update the logo.
Despite long being the most recognizable figure in golf, Woods is still hoping to catch up to Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 major championships and six Masters wins. Nicklaus won his last Green Jacket at age 46, and Woods’ last major win came at the 2019 Masters.
In January, Woods and Nike announced the end of their 27-year partnership, soon after PGA Championship winner Jason Day ‘s departure from the brand. Nike said in 2016 it would stop producing golf equipment.
People will ask if there is another chapter, Woods wrote at the time. Yes, there will certainly be another chapter.
TMX contributed to this article.